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XR Center is an advanced transdisciplinary research, development and innovation center of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. We focus on leveraging cutting-edge IT and technology research trends including XR (eXtended Reality), AI or crowdsourcing at transdisciplinary intersections with neuroscience, engineering, design, live sciences, social sciences and humanities and more!

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XR Research, Development, Innovations and Passion.

Our passion is doing research! We do love it. So dive into Mixed Reality Continuum (VR/AR/XR) systems with us! Learn more on multimodal data acquisition and analysis, our research projects and scientific publications as well as the people behind it!

It's all about the Extensive Collaboration.

Thanks to our collaboration network the area of our transdisciplinary research and application extends from human factors in space exploration to cultural heritagewildlife preservation and business process automation.

We share knowledge with our academic community.

XR Center is not only about doing research, but also sharing knowledge! As a part of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, a leading technical university in Poland, we share our knowledge with entire PJAIT academic community.

We enjoy good visual content.

Effective research and contribution to academic activities is nothing without a proper communication system essential for dissemination and collaboration. Take a look at our new visual branding system, created by our xr_c art & design lab!